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The Survival Podcast: What is Permaculture and Why Should I Care?

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From time to time I back up and do a sort of “back to basics” show on certain subjects.  Often things like Modern Survival Philosophy or basic preparedness.  But yesterday I realized the word “permaculture” is tossed around at TSP constantly but likely many listeners don’t really understand it at all or perhaps even know what it is.

Additionally many people wonder why they should even care.  Isn’t permaculture just hippies rolling in mud?  No, it is more like Greening Deserts, Greening More Deserts and perhaps even using cows to restore entire eco systems and feed half the world.  It also might be completely redesigning the largest farm in Jordan, building a cold climate sustainable profitable orchard or perhaps making a back yard feed a family.

So today we take a look at Permaculture from a basics of understanding and functionality standpoint.  I think that both people totally new to permaculture and those who are full time practitioners will enjoy this look into the design science of permaculture.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • What is permaculture – beyond the typical definition
  • What permaculture is not and misconceptions about it and the people behind it
  • What is the prime directive and the three ethics
  • Understanding techniques are techniques they are not permaculture
    • Swales
    • Hugulkulture
    • Food Forests – A good teachable example
      • The High Canopy
      • The Low Tree
      • Shrub
      • herbaceous
      • rhizome
      • cover crops
      • vertical climbers
  • What are zones and sectors
  • Permaculture on a small scale
    • Intensive gardens
    • Urban food forests
    • Reuse and recycling
    • Back yard engineering
  • Permaculture on a broad acre scale
    • Can not be run like “conventional systems”
    • Not always called “permaculture”
    • Absolutely requires the integration of Animals
    • Requires a time phased approach
    • Largely misunderstood both by main stream and “purple breathers”
  • The simple truth
    • The unaltered ethics and directive are universal
    • This is a system of design, not just a way to grow food
    • If permaculture “doesn’t work” natural systems don’t work
    • Truthfully modern agriculture doesn’t work if fairly judged
  • Final Thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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The Survival Podcast: What is Permaculture and Why Should I Care?


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