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The Survival Podcast: The Case for Putting Down Roots

The prior generation knew the value of putting down roots.

Yesterday I mentioned at the end of the show one of the key differences in the middle class of the World War II generation and today is that they put down roots.  They bought small houses, turned them into homes and homesteads, raisee their families there and grew old together in what was often their first and only home.

Today things are different, your grandparents likely would not even of understood the concept of a “starter house”.  GenXers are mobile oriented.  Many of us had to move many times to simply advance careers or even find decent opportunities to get started out.  Everything comes in cycles though and I feel the current movement of many is hearkening back to a simpler time.  There is a strong desire in many people in our middle years and even many young people to find a true home once again.

In doing so you really have to think about things if you have been highly mobile up till now.  For instance since I left the Army in 1993 I have lived in 4 apartments and 5 houses.  When you have done so you get used to moving, you find advantages in doing so, it takes time to find happiness in being still long enough for real tap roots to go down.

There is also another reality, people that move often seldom develop really deep and meaningful friendships with people geographically close to them.  This is a defense mechanism, because they are used to pulling up and moving often.  Often even the attempt to put down roots results in a strong desire for something better in just a few years time.  This is why finding happiness both in yourself and in your choice of where to live is important to breaking this cycle.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why did Boomers, Tweeners and X’rs become so mobile
  • Why being mobile isn’t all bad
  • Why the cycle often continues for decades
  • How to break the cycle and why you should consider it
  • Finding that place you really want to be
    • Family considerations
    • Cost considerations
    • Lifestyle considerations
    • Community considerations
    • Climate considerations
    • Reality considerations
  • Why “way out in the sticks” often doesn’t work out
  • The upside of really settling down
    • Forces you to work with what you have
    • Gives you a real stake in the future of your community
    • Leads to longer life – story by Geoff Lawton
    • Provides a sense of peace
    • Leads to financial stability and wealth
    • Allows you to find acceptance in the great things in your life
  • Final thoughts on timing, not committing to a real mistake and more

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The Survival Podcast: The Case for Putting Down Roots


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