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The Survival Podcast: Starting, Running and Managing a Business

So Get Busy Doing Shit  ~ Jack Spirko

I often say that people should start a business as part of a self sufficiency plan.  The truth is the majority of what I know is available for free at (warning the language is far more adult there than at TSP).

In fact I have been asked many times to do more podcasts over there and I have refused.

The reason is simple, I have stated many times the day a person does everything I have already given there, has implemented it into their business and still wants more, I will do another episode.  So far, no one has done so.

The truth is I really believe that the most important part of building a business is just getting busy getting shit done.  Planning, talking, thinking, brain storming all have their place but up front, hustle is the key.

I have been wary of doing general business podcasts for a few reasons here, they are…

  • Many who want to hear about starting a business are more interested in intellectual masturbation than actually doing it, I have no interest in that!
  • I cringe at the thought of someone not pursuing an idea just because I don’t personally think it is a good idea.  There are plenty of successful businesses out there that I would have said were not a good idea before they existed.
  • I cringe even more at someone going after an idea just because I think it is a good idea.  Ideas are not businesses, at all, in anyway, shape or form.  The execution is the key, not the idea itself.
  • Most of you refuse to accept these two things, a tax attorney and a CPA.  Every time I bring up business it leads to tax and legal questions, to be blunt, I DON’T Fing KNOW WHAT YOUR INDIVIDUAL ISSUES ARE.  I can’t and won’t give this advice.  Stop asking!!!

The truth is what I think of your business doesn’t matter, what you do with it is what matters.  I try to stick to principles, concepts and methods over ideas because that makes them universal.

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  • There are rules to business, some of them are
    • Your market is more important than your desires
    • Passion is great, but passion in absence of substance equals stupidity
    • It is always more work than you thought it would be
    • No one will ever do it as good as you, EVER, EVER, EVER, got it?
    • Focusing on your competition is most often really stupid
    • No business can survive with out sales AND marketing
  • My thoughts on modern businesses
    • Part time first for MOST
    • If you go full time up front, don’t get comfortable
    • You will have one boss, and  he/she needs to be an asshole!
    • Nothing beats just telling people in the beginning
  • Thoughts on successful websites
    • Sites need to initiate a process
    • Sites need to make it clear how to do business with you
    • Sites should be “active”, brochures are dead!  Fing dead!  Do you get that?
    • A business is its customer base, an email list is a customer base
    • Your site is not designed to please people who won’t buy from you
  • In the end it comes down to abilities
    • MarketABILITY – the ability to tell your story
    • ReferABILITY – the ability for others to tell your story
    • ProfitABILITY – the ability to yield a surplus
    • RepeatABILITY – the ability to sell to a customer many times
    • AdaptABILITY – the ability to evolve and be sustained
    • ScaleABILITY – the ability to grow sufficiently
  • Simple basics
    • Have a core product/service
    • Get moving fast, long product development isn’t business
    • Listen to your customers (trends not individuals)
    • Excel never lies, you will lie to yourself, don’t
    • No marketing will every beat pure hustle in the beginning
    • Everything I say could be both right and wrong at the same time
  • Just do it, seek not my approval, seek the approval of paying customers

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The Survival Podcast: Starting, Running and Managing a Business


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