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The Survival Podcast: Seed Saving and Land Races with Justin Huhn

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Justin is an organic farmer & seed grower, and an impassioned gardening and seed-saving educator. He co-founded All Good Things Organic Seeds, a farm-based seed company in Ojai, CA.

Through the process of establishing an organic seed company, Justin became an expert in growing, harvesting, cleaning, and storing seeds of hundreds of different species. Now with his current project, The Seedkeepers, he is focused entirely on supporting and educating gardeners to grow more food and successfully save quality seed.

Justin is a long time TSP listener and community member and joins us today to discuss, the role of Hybrid seeds in a survival garden. Developing LandRaces and why every survivalist and homesteader should be doing it.  The importance of seed quality, starting with good seed, and why seeds you save yourself are the best.

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The Survival Podcast: Seed Saving and Land Races with Justin Huhn


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