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The Survival Podcast: Reclaiming Our Mental Sovereignty

Will you choose freedom, even though the path is less comfortable?

Today we continue a series on reclaiming our sovereignty as individuals.  We started out with the education system, then last week we covered the food system, today we cover our minds.  Honestly this should have been the first episode in our “Insurgency Series” because in reality it is the most important.

While we are also going to delve into health care, energy and other systems of control the reality is all such control stems from the control of our minds.  It is not an over reach to say that at this point in time Americans and most first world individuals for that matter are brainwashed.

This is seen as over reach by many because to them brain washing creates mindless zombies that can’t think for themselves who have been programed to repeat phrases and, well, um, yea…

The thing is when you do a good job of brain washing a person they don’t know they have been brain washed!  I was at one time, many of you who have become clear of much of it were at one time as well.  Once you do realize the depth of programming the reality is shocking to say the least.

You hear an issue brought up and you already know what the media is going to say, what the politicians will say but that isn’t the scary part.  You also know exactly the talking points the people around you will parrot and how swiftly they will believe every thing their side tells them to.

Once you reach this point, your mind actually aches due to the supreme idiocy of society.  It is also easy to forget that not long ago you were likely part of it.  That is the hard part, to see the full idiocy vs. the idiocy of the left or the idiocy of the right.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why you believe what you believe, it isn’t what you have been led to believe
  • What we learn from the 5 stages of grief
    • Denial
    • Anger
    • Bargaining
    • Depression
    • Acceptance
  • The beauty of acceptance
    • Freedom to focus on what you influence
    • Freedom to leave people to their own chosen misery
    • Freedom to ask questions vs. being given answers
    • Freedom to be who and what you really are
    • Freedom to work in the now
    • Freedom of true understanding
  • What you should do for your own sanity
    • Speak the truth but don’t push it
    • Find others like you and get shit done
    • Dedicate yourself to learning and doing
    • Critically examine any issue of concern with these questions
      • Does this effect me?
      • Can I do anything about it?
      • If it effects me how do I adapt to it?
      • If I can do something is it really meaningful if I do?
  • Some realities you must accept if you are to be happy
    • Psychopaths run the world and will for quite a bit longer
    • Focusing your thoughts on something only effects you, not the outcome
    • Those in power want your participation, they don’t care how, just that
    • Your true power is in your “active apathy”
    • Your job is to do the best you can for you and your family
    • Most people you know will never get it, specifically if you try to “make them understand”
  • In the end, your life is yours to live, live not for another man, ask none to live for you
  • Embrace anarchy, it is for those who are ready for it, not something to be hoisted upon others

Resources for today’s show…

The Survival Podcast: Reclaiming Our Mental Sovereignty


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