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The Survival Podcast: Peak Food is the Real Long, Slow Emergency

Unfortunately Prayer Won't Fix this Problem!

Peak oil? Whatever, there is a LOT of oil and gas and we are rapidly figuring out more and more alternative energy strategies.  It isn’t that it is not a problem, it just isn’t the big ass mastodon in the room.  What, you say mastodons are extinct, good point, it was mine as well!

Peak water?  Yes, yes, this too is a problem but there are literally thousands of solutions to this problem.  No matter how moronic current policies are, get into a real pinch and known solutions exist.  We can indeed fix this, it isn’t even really that hard.

Peak money?  Wow if that is a problem  you don’t understand money, it is created from thin air, its real vs. phoney value backing is the economy in which it circles.  Money we indeed can create, as it is a symbol for energy, vs. the underlying energy itself.

Peak industrial production?  Nope that isn’t the big one either.  Hungry people will indeed work for wait for it, food, because yes, that is where we are going next!  The reality is we have more crap than we need, people are good at building stuff and no this one alone will not end civilization.

Now look if any of those four are your pet peaks, relax your crack and stop yelling at the screen, I absolutely acknowledge those things are areas of concern.  Problems that can be solved but problems that will cause massive harm in the time it takes to fix them.  Just none in and of themselves lead to the cliff that could be the 6X extinction event!

No the reality is we are running low on many resources but they all lead to one place, the dinner table!  Just realize that name MIGHT end up being pretty accurate, as many may have to skip breakfast and lunch not so far into the future.

Take each of these other problems and look how quickly it harms an already stressed food supply.  Unlike the people in Idiocracy we still know plants need water not Brodo, and well, you need water to make Brondo anyway.

Oil?  How about this, if you are an American right now it takes 400 gallons of fossil fuels to feed you every year.  Note that that doesn’t include the little bit of gas you put in your Prius to go to Whole Foods, or what is burned to keep your fridge nice and cold, just the energy that gets the food to the point where you buy it.

Can we do some basic math folks?  No common core needed.

Gasoline has about 31,000 calories per gallon multiply it by 400 and you get what?  12,400,000 calories of energy to feed you.

Now leave aside what the average person should eat, the average per person consumed in the US is about 2,800 calories.  Multiply that by 365 and with fatties, shinnies and regulars averaged out that is 1,022,000.  That means 12 million calories are being used to provide you with about 1 million, do you get that?

What you say the food production energy ratio isn’t that bad?  You are correct of course but we export a lot of grain, low quality food to the rest of the world, that doesn’t eat as good as we do!  Those are the numbers that feed Americans the amount of food we are currently using.

Money?  Again we can fix that because it is only an illusion, but what a powerful illusion it is!  When money is screwed up, so is banking, financing, industry, etc.  In the end though, what hurts you isn’t not going to a job or even living in a shelter, it is not having food in your belly.  As this one also covers industrial production, we will let that one go for now.

Again it isn’t that these are not problems, it is they all contribute to the problem of peak food, and brothers and sisters, peak food has its own problems.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • Why the biggest fears, money, oil, etc, are only the scratch, not the infection
  • How fungi decline alone threatens our food supply
  • All the dying species are symptom that we see is isolated problems
  • The big problem we have degraded a full third of quality soil on the planet
  • Desertification is a problem, our solution is to try to grow in deserts
  • The average person has never produced an ounce of food and doesn’t know how
  • Every society that has ever collapsed was built on annual agriculture
  • What is the solution
    • 110 million homes x .25 acres = 27.5 million acres of high end production to be tapped
    • 1.5 million acres just in “city parks” in America (link)
    • Pecans live an average of 40 years, walnuts 250
    • Chestnuts, figs and hazels live over 1,000 years
    • Cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, geese, all eat grass and forage
    • Rice, barley, wheat, corn can be grown sustainably
    • An amaranth seed weighs a about a micro gram, and grows to 10 feet in 4 months
    • We can grow food in deserts sustainably (link and another link)
    • Water stores in earth better than in pods, dams and tanks
  • We don’t even know what is really possible, but we do know what works for now, so do it!

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The Survival Podcast: Peak Food is the Real Long, Slow Emergency


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