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The Survival Podcast: Listener Feedback for 6-2-14

Today’s show is a hybrid, some listener feedback, some stuff from Expert Council Member John Pugliano and some stuff I have been looking into on my own.  I want to tell you something you likely already know, the US Economy is screwed.

Frankly many other nations that people think are doing great are also screwed.  Likely  one of the best positioned nation in the world right now is Russia, but the problems of the world are the subject for another day, today I want to take a look at the shifts coming to our own backyard.

Join Me Today as We Discuss…

  • Conflicted Monday’s Scenario
  • Still some seats open for the PermaEthos PDC
  • A kick off on the financial topic with thoughts by John Pugliano
  • Russia now owes “no one nuthin”,  nooooo, that’s just marketing
  • The silver price fix is dead, silver is going to boom, um noooo more marketing
  • Fast food workers want 15 bucks an hour, well what they are getting is replaced
  • Retail will die in some areas and my shift in others
  • The US is one bad quarter from an official recession (though they may cheat to hide it)

Resources for today’s show…

Today’s Conflicted Monday Scenario

Grocery stores and mini-marts have been ransacked of all food.  Your group is low on food and is in desperate need of resources.  What other locations would you start looking for food or possible supplies to barter with?


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The Survival Podcast: Listener Feedback for 6-2-14

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