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The Survival Podcast: John Pugliano on Small Business as a Wealth Building Tool

John Pugliano of Investable Wealth

John Pugliano is a late blooming entrepreneur and the founder of Investable Wealth, LLC an independent fee only investment advisory firm. John served in the military for 7 years before starting a 20 year corporate career in sales and marketing of industrial products.

More importantly he followed his passion and honed his skills as an individual investor for over 25 years before becoming an investment adviser. Understanding the plight of the retail investor, he advises clients using the experience he gained while managing his own portfolio. John has recently launched the Wealthsteading Podcast.

John practices what he preaches. He believes in first being a disciplined saver, getting your preps in order, and then investing in the stock market. John is a long time TSP listener, he’s a MSB member, and a PermaEthos Founder.

Today he joins us to discuss small business ownership as a primary method of building wealth.  In this show John discusses getting mentors, developing entrepreneurship groups, funding your start up, building local and then reaching out nationally or internationally.

He then goes into why value add is a great entry method into business start up.  How you can gain insight by talking to local businesses and business owners.  John also explains the necessity of a simple business plan, keeping employee head count low or even to zero and learning from your mistakes.

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The Survival Podcast: John Pugliano on Small Business as a Wealth Building Tool


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