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The Survival Podcast: Eric Escobar on Automation

Eric Escobar is a 26 year old software engineer. Eric graduated in 2011 with BS in civil engineering, followed by a MS in civil engineering in 2012. After spending a year in the corporate world of environmental design, groundwater remediation, and groundwater modeling he got burned out with regulation, red tape, and permitting.

He’s always loved computers and programming, but didn’t want to make a hobby into a career in college. As chance would have it though, in 2014 Eric received a job offer he couldn’t refuse in computer/network security. Now he works his own schedule, breaking into computers and networks before the black hat hackers do.

In his spare time he builds automation systems out of cheap hardware to run his chicken coop, bee hive, moisture sensors, waterers, temperature sensors, feed stations, and anything else he can hook wires to.

He has a ton of other interests too such as backpacking (JMT this year!), keeping bees, programming, ham radio, model rockets, aluminum forging, anda billion other things.

Eric Joins Us Today to Discuss

  • What you an automate
  • Tools for automation
  • How to learn about techniques and equipment for free
  • The things he has automated in his home
  • Future plans for additional automation of his homestead
  • How we already use a lot of automation and what that means for us
  • How to keep automation projects cheap and effective
  • Where you can take a full course on automation for free

Resources for today’s show…

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The Survival Podcast: Eric Escobar on Automation


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