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The Survival Podcast: 12 Guideposts for Lifestyle Design

free-libertySome people say that The Survival Podcast could be called the Homestead Podcast or even The Permaculture Podcast, but I don’t agree.  We talk about a lot more than those topics.  Those are just two tools we use to accomplish the goal of individual liberty.

Today I am giving you 12 guideposts to lifestyle design.  I was going to call them 12 rules but since I am such a fan of breaking rules that seemed incongruent.

Each of us wants things in our life, most of us also want things OUR of our lives.  Survival is just the start, most get into prepping due to perceived dangers about threats to our way of life, but what about our way of life itself.  If we are to preserve it, should we not also seek to make it something worth preserving.

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  • Know why you believe what you believe
  • Know that you might be wrong
  • Live to never regret that you were not your one true self
  • Know that what you do matters in ways you will never know
  • Know your destination and then chart your course
  • Break rules smartly and effectively
  • Look for opportunities in every obstacle
  • Never confuse education with school
  • Develop income streams independent of employment
  • Stay true to your moral principles but understand reality
  • Realize the only person you control is you, and that is by design
  • Give all you have, leave nothing on the table, make your dash matter

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The Survival Podcast: 12 Guideposts for Lifestyle Design


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