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The Latest Installment of “Are We Being Pushed Into a Civil War?” – Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Confiscation of Firearms Legal and Constitutional (CONFISCACTION, folks. You know, the “it will never happen here in the USA,” thing…). I suppose we should not expect attorneys and judges (especially liberal ones) to understand such big and complicated words like “right,” “people,” “not,” “be,” and “infringed.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Despite Executive Order, I’m Not Surrendering Our Guns

Oregon Sheriffs Testify Before State House – We Are Not Going to Enforce Your Gun Grabbing Law (Amen and Bravo Zulu for men and women of integrity who remember that our allegiance is to the Constitution and not lackey politicians!)

They Know Now What They Do – New York Times Uses Front Page to, in effect, Call for a Bloody Civil War

Police Chief Warns of Revolution Over Gun Restrictions