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Obama’s Muslim Faith in HIS OWN WORDS! – Who are you going to believe? Obama or your own lying eyes and ears?

Is Obama a Muslim? I am not a conspiracy theorist nor a mind-reader. Only Lord God knows what is in a person’s heart. So, I simply do not know. What I do know is that if he is not a Muslim, he is certainly a Muslim sympathizer. How do I know this? Simple. Actions speak louder than words. We all know this. Let’s look at what else we know about Obama and his view of Islam:
-He allowed himself to be quoted in the NY Times (that bastion of the vast, right-wing, conservative conspiracy, right folks?) as saying the Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds
-His State Department is allowing Syrian “refugees” made up of 70% males age 18-30 (according to the UN’s own reporting) to come to US, but won’t allow in Christian Yazidi women or children being tortured and held in sex slavery to come to US
-He expressed support for building a mosque at Ground Zero in New York
-He spent several of his formative years in Indonesia (the largest Muslin nation on earth)
-His birth father was Muslim
We can go on, but I think we can see a pattern. If you don’t already know these facts, please don’t believe me. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Petition: Join Fight to Stop Wave of Anti-God Perversion

A new petition urges lawmakers to fight a “perverse” wave of anti-religion moves that effectively are outlawing “the faith that formed the moral foundation of our nation.” The new petition follows a series of recent developments that range from a new state law in Indiana that could be used to compel Christian business owners to…

Petition: Christians Are Not Extremists; Christian members of the Armed Services have been discouraged from worship and donating to Christian causes

Mr. President, Christians are Not “extremists.” Under President Obama and the Secretary of Defense, the military is increasingly hostile to Christians. Mandatory briefings warn soldiers against joining evangelical groups. The Pentagon consults with a known anti-Christian bigot. Soldiers are told not to give money to conservative organizations. Enough is enough. Sign the petition to stop…

Prepper Recon: Podcast – The Coming Persecution of Christians and the Surveillance State with Dana Morrison

Dana Morrison joins me today to talk about the troubling trend toward the persecution of Christians in America. We look at the similarities to the early stages of the Jewish Holocaust in Germany and present day marginalization of Christian beliefs. Dana provides some valuable technological tools to protect your information. He also give us some…

Brave Pastors Defy IRS; Endorse Candidates and Dare Agency to Sue

At issue is the churches’ tax break as tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations. | AP Photo A record number of rogue Christian pastors are endorsing candidates from the pulpit this election cycle, using Sunday sermons to defiantly flout tax rules. Their message to the IRS: Sue me. But the tax agency is doing anything but. Although the…