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Congress Attempting to Sneak Reauthorization and Expansion of NSA “Big Brother” Snooping Powers   

As Ben Franklin said (or is said to have said), “they who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” We need to stop this encroachment on our liberty. But, ask yourself how? The system itself is broken and goes along.

16 Unanswered Questions about Las Vegas Shooting Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

I don’t like to be perceived as a “tin-foil hat” person or “conspiracy theorist. However, there are lots of strange and even very strange things so far in this investigation. I have no idea what the government (local, state or Fed) are trying to hide or why. I do know I can’t shake the feeling…

His Parents Said He Just Needed to Sleep; A SWAT Team Came Instead

Ah yes, America’s “finest” doing their work again. Before you all start writing on how we can’t generalize, and there are good people on the force, etc., please, it’s time to be objective. I agree that most of the men and women in law enforcement are good people with good intentions. But the fact of…