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Fourth Amendment? What Fourth Amendment? What Bill of Rights? Pshaw…(Unbelievable! There are no words. And why, why is this not covered in the mainstream, lamestream, drive-by media? Hmmm…I wonder why…)

Obama’s Promised Civilian Police Force is Happening (in his own words “…just as well funded and just as well equipped as the military…”)

US Army Says These 3 Types of People are Radical Terror Threat

US Senator: 2016 is Last Chance to Take Back Control of Government

EPA and FDA Stocking Up on Military Equipment (Ask yourself WHY would (or do) these agencies need such equipment? And let’s not forget all Fed agencies’ ever growing ammunition stockpiles…)

Armed Protestors at National Wildlife Refuge Say Government Force Would Risk Lives (Regardless of your view on their motives, tactics, messaging, etc., the government has an absolute obligation to make EVERY attempt at resolving this without loss of life. No more free Wacos. No more free Ruby Ridges.)

Militiamen Converge to Protest Arrest of Ranchers by Feds (Piece seems to lean toward government side but draw your own conclusions…)