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Drone Used to Kill Dallas Shooter; Serious Implications Most Are Not Considering

Below is one blogger’s take and I think it is spot on. We must look beyond this particular incident and consider the implications of the precedent this sets. “Did anyone in the “crisis management” team consider using tear gas to temporarily stun the shooter to ARREST HIM and see if he was HYPNOTIZED to do…

What the Hillary Fix means for the Future of USA: Militia Vs FEDs Civil War Looming?

With the staggering amount of commentary that is being written about HildeBEAST skating yet again I don’t know how much I can add. However, I will put in this $0.02. I think this is yet the latest indicator that the US is heading for some sort of revolution or civil war. The left and right…

Federal ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Government Plan to Round Up and Disarm Americans During Economic Bank Collapse

SHTF Plan: The Government’s Army of Armed Bureaucrats Now Outnumbers U.S. Marines – Even IRS Agents Carry AR-15s

Prepare for Total Collapse- Moral, Economic, and Spiritual- Bob Griswold- Pt 2

Folks, the total collapse has begun. Every day we see more and more evidence of it, if we are vigilant to look for such things and not just wasting our days away in search of empty entertainment. Latest proof? The Supreme Court just ruled that most types of bestiality are not illegal. More on that…

A Plea to All Friends of Mike Vanderboegh

If you don’t know who he is but know about the III Percent or Fast and Furious Gun Walking Scandal, it’s because of Mike Vanderboegh; By the way, read the chapters of his book, it’s great. Just google “Mike Vanderboegh Absolved book chapters.”

When is it Time to Exit America? (a very valid question, but, my problem is WHERE would you go? Almost anywhere else that is prosperous and stable is that way under the umbrella of global ‘Pax Americana’ we provide. What happens to all those other places if (when) America collapses or withdraws from the world?)