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The Biggest Scandal in US History that We Are Still Not Talking About (Daily Kos is a liberal (very) website, but I have to admit they have a HUGE point here. As a military veteran and still a huge supporter of a strong US defense, I have long worried that the Pentagon’s long time inability to control spending and account for all money would someday come back to bite the military and the entire nation.)

Infrared Search and Track Systems (IRST) and the Future of the US Fighter Force (I’m no expert in this area, but I’ve always wondered how stealth aircraft would defeat IRST when their skins heat up due to friction and stand out against the cold sky. And yes, I know there are ways to reduce heat as in the SR-71, but it seems difficult to eliminate completely).

Report: US Undersea Dominance is in Jeopardy

A new study says emerging submarine detection technologies, computer processing power and platforms such as underwater drones could quickly erode the U.S. military’s global undersea dominance and ability to operate in high-threat areas such as locations near enemy coastlines. The U.S. military relies upon submarines and undersea technological superiority for critical underwater intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance…