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Survival Blog: Memorial Day – Give It Meaning

1,200,000 dead. That’s approximately the number of Americans who have died during war-time service, depending on whose numbers you believe. Please let that number sink in. Approximately 1.5 million more suffered non-mortal woundings. Almost 42 million have served during war time. Memorial Day is about remembering the sacrifice of all of these folks and their…

The Biggest Scandal in US History that We Are Still Not Talking About (Daily Kos is a liberal (very) website, but I have to admit they have a HUGE point here. As a military veteran and still a huge supporter of a strong US defense, I have long worried that the Pentagon’s long time inability to control spending and account for all money would someday come back to bite the military and the entire nation.)

Army Chief of Staff General Odierno Doesn’t Want Our Soldiers “Overarmed”

Please stop and think about how ridiculous and sad this comment by a four star general is. We trust these men and women with cannons, bombs, missiles, and even nuclear and chemical weapons! Yet, they should not carry a sidearm (handgun) for defense? This shows how even our most senior military leaders are corrupted by…