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Report: U.S. Gives Israel Go Ahead to Kill Powerful General in Charge of Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Major General Soleimani coordinates the actions of Revolutionary Guards in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. He is therefore culpable for the death of hundreds of Americans in Iraq, if not thousands. He should have been targeted long ago. According to some reports, he was and the Obama administration tipped him off.

President Trump and Eastern European Leaders Demonstrate Courage and Strength of Leadership (unlike most (all?) Western European Leaders

I am not a Trump apologist by any stretch. I was (and am) a Ted Cruz guy 100 percent. But, I give him credit where credit is due and criticism when it is due. For instance, His appointment of Neil Gorsuch is an absolute home run. I literally jumped for joy and Praised God when…

Saudi Political Analyst Confirms They Have Nukes

Anyone with half a brain (this obviously excludes almost everyone in this administration and state department) knew that allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon would lead to others in the middle east, particularly the Saudis, to also get them. All they had (have) to do is buy them from Pakistan. So, now we have nukes spreading throughout that bastion of stability, the middle east…