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Is US Government DHS Preparing for Massive Civil War?

This does have some very interesting points. I don’t know if they are preparing for a civil war. I do think from all the indicators that at a minimum, DHS and the federal government are preparing for massive civil unrest. It can take many forms, including a civil war. In fact, it is my opinion…

Ronald Reagan’s A Time For Choosing; History is Repeating Itself

Friends, I have long said that the left wing / right wing spectrum for liberalism / conservatism should actually be a circle rather than linear. As you go out from the “center” both sides start to curve back toward each other. National Socialism (Hitler’s Nazis) and Communism (Stalin, Lenin, etc.) were mortal enemies. Yet, look…

Prepare for Total Collapse- Moral, Economic, and Spiritual- Bob Griswold- Pt 2

Folks, the total collapse has begun. Every day we see more and more evidence of it, if we are vigilant to look for such things and not just wasting our days away in search of empty entertainment. Latest proof? The Supreme Court just ruled that most types of bestiality are not illegal. More on that…

Survival Blog: Understanding the Progressive Agenda Part 2 by DBS

FBI Has Quietly Been Hacking Americans for 20 Years

As disturbing as this is, folks, no one should really be surprised. Power corrupts and knowledge is power. So, the ability to gather information is something that government will almost always (I’m being optimistic here; probably ALWAYS) abuse. And then, of course, come the denials and cover-up.