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Inside the Obamacare Arizona Meltdown (perhaps the worst of where this monstrosity is breaking down)

Friends, Obamacare (I refuse to call it by its given name since it is anything but affordable) violated so many basic economic principles that one can only conclude one of two things. One, it was meant to fail from the outset as a way of pushing us to a socialist, universal healthcare (single-payer) system. Or,…

Survival Blog: Understanding the Progressive Agenda Part 2 by DBS

Great Britain’s Health System in Critical Condition as Waiting Times are Worst in a Decade (and remember, this is one of those socialized medical systems that Obamacare backers love to point to as being “better” than US)

NHS in critical condition as A&E waiting times are worst in a decade Record number of hospital declare ‘major incidents’, as operations and outpatient appointments are cancelled CHARLIE COOPER HEALTH CORRESPONDENT Tuesday 06 January 2015 2K PRINT A A A There are grave doubts over the NHS’ capacity to cope with ever-growing demand this winter…