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European Islamic Appeasement Madness Continues: German Officials Respond to Axe Attack by Calling for Mandatory Islam Classes

Friends, I’ve long believed that appeasement is merely an expression of cowardice. Most of us don’t want confrontation let along conflict. However, most of us also know when a problem must be confronted through conflict. Most if not all of those that seek appeasement in the face of such clear evidence that force must be…

Illegals Flood US From Everywhere! Fewer Than Half From Mexico

Friends, this shows yet another lie from the Obama administration. We simply have no control over our border. In the interest of total honesty, this is far from the first administration to fail in this regard. This has been the case since at least the 1960s if not the 1950s.

At Least 35 Girls Sexually Assaulted by Islamic “Immigrants” at Swedish Music Festival; Some Victims as Young as 12

Are we sacrificing our families, communities, and freedoms on the altar of political correctness? It sure seems like it. We need to wake up and make the hard decisions to protect all of the above.