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Federal Overreach and American Foreign Policy Go Hand-in-Hand

Oh, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. It’s staggering to think that this was part of George Washington’s warning against foreign entanglements. Perhaps he remembered how it was Great Britain’s great expense in fighting the Seven Years’ War (or French and Indian War) that lead to their oppressive taxes on the colonies.

European Islamic Appeasement Madness Continues: German Officials Respond to Axe Attack by Calling for Mandatory Islam Classes

Friends, I’ve long believed that appeasement is merely an expression of cowardice. Most of us don’t want confrontation let along conflict. However, most of us also know when a problem must be confronted through conflict. Most if not all of those that seek appeasement in the face of such clear evidence that force must be…

French Suppressed Story of Terrorist Torture of Bataclan Victims; Political Correctness Prevents the West from Effectively Dealing With Islamist Terrorist Threat

Blaming Conservatives for Muslim Terrorism

First of all, my deepest condolences go out to all people and families affected by this horrible terrorist attack. There are many, many questions floating around and lots of discussions. Two points come to my mind. First, no democrat administration (certainly not the current one and almost certainly not a future one) will do what…