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Four Star Navy Admiral Blasts Obama for Treason and Reveals Plans

Virginia Police and Homeland Security Doing Exercises for Martial Law Conditions (Video)

NSA Officials Admit All Gun Owners on High Priority Surveillance List

No one should be shocked by this. It’s been years since gun owners along with veterans, Constitutionalists and others have been subject to such special surveillance. Again, do your own research.

Armed Police Robots are Here and Some Experts are Worried

I know that on the surface, at quick glance many of you will agree that this is a good idea. If we can save the life of even one law enforcement officer or innocent bystander, we must right? The problem is the law of unintended consequences. Most of the individuals carrying out these attacks are…

Video Shows Unarmed Black Man Pleading With Arms Raised, Lying on Floor, Before Being Shot by Police

I do not advocate violence against any law enforcement. Nor do I support anybody or any organization that does so. That being said (written) I can understand some of the anger toward LEO. It is videos like this and unfortunately, many, many others that are similar. What may have been acceptable before (notice I did…

Cali (Krazyfornia)- Hypocritical Liberal Lawmakers Vote to Exempt Themselves from Gun Laws They Enacted

You see, my friends, they are important government officials. Their lives are more important than yours, mine or our families. We are just the little people. The common folks. We need to just understand…

Drone Used to Kill Dallas Shooter; Serious Implications Most Are Not Considering

Below is one blogger’s take and I think it is spot on. We must look beyond this particular incident and consider the implications of the precedent this sets. “Did anyone in the “crisis management” team consider using tear gas to temporarily stun the shooter to ARREST HIM and see if he was HYPNOTIZED to do…