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Virginia Police and Homeland Security Doing Exercises for Martial Law Conditions (Video)

Obama Executive Order Avalanche! America Has Been Fundamentally Transformed, and NOT for the Better

Federal ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Government Plan to Round Up and Disarm Americans During Economic Bank Collapse

Is US Government DHS Preparing for Massive Civil War?

This does have some very interesting points. I don’t know if they are preparing for a civil war. I do think from all the indicators that at a minimum, DHS and the federal government are preparing for massive civil unrest. It can take many forms, including a civil war. In fact, it is my opinion…

A NEW Palace for Fannie Mae – The Imperial City Must be Sacked

The big government statists (is that redundant?) just don’t get it. They continue to tax, spend and WASTE our hard earned money. Maybe they will get a clue after Brexit? Flashback – Fannie Mae (along with Freddie Mac and their Congressional (Dems at the time) “oversight”) were key players in the 2008 real estate bubble…

Ronald Reagan’s A Time For Choosing; History is Repeating Itself

Friends, I have long said that the left wing / right wing spectrum for liberalism / conservatism should actually be a circle rather than linear. As you go out from the “center” both sides start to curve back toward each other. National Socialism (Hitler’s Nazis) and Communism (Stalin, Lenin, etc.) were mortal enemies. Yet, look…