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Stop Federal Funding for Universities and Police That Tolerate Left Wing Violence

Of course violence should not be condoned but this is a slippery slope. On the one hand, it may be hard to prove that certain organizations are purposely tolerating such violence. In some cases it is pretty clear but not all cases are or will be.

Survival Blog: Our Founding Fathers Were Right About Education, Too

Our Founding Fathers were right, about education, too. Have you ever wondered how a generation with one-roomed schoolhouses produced so many great thinkers? Have you wondered what types of books were available when Abraham Lincoln studied on his own? Unlike many instructional books today, the educational books our founding fathers used were designed for simplified…

UC Irvine Students Vote to Ban American Flag (Result of growing up in Krazyfornia, Commiefornia; I sure hope their parents are proud of what their tuition dollars are paying for)

Students at the University of California, Irvine have voted to ban the American flag on part of the campus. Under a resolution passed Thursday, the student government council voted to remove all flags from a common area of the student government offices to make it a more “inclusive space.” The resolution states that “the American…