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Pill Bottle Survival Kit

My mother’s very favorite saying is, “You never know!”

She applies it to everything: a roll of toilet paper in the back of the car, an extra pair of shoes in her purse, a fire extinguisher in every room of the house — there’s no end to her “you never know” mentality.

Because I never listened as a kid, I often had to learn the hard way that, well, moms are usually right. You reallydo never know, and you’ll often wish you’d been more prepared.

That’s why, when I saw this amazing project, I instantly thought of my mom. This is the exact thing she would love and insist I carry everywhere.

Not long ago we showed you how to turn an old medicine bottle into a secret key holder. Today, we’ll be making the perfect pocket-sized survival kit. You’ll be glad you kept all those old pill bottles, because “you never know” when you might need these life-saving essentials. The cherry on top? Most of these supplies are very cheap, or even given away for free! For little to no money or effort, you’ll be ready for any situation.

After you scroll through this step-by-step tutorial, be sure to watch the video at the end for an incredible — and very simple — survival hack. You’ll be glad you did.

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Pill Bottle Survival Kit


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