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Is American in the Midst of a Civil War?

The Daily Signal thinks we are…

Friends, you know that I feel a second American Civil War is, unfortunately, highly likely. Maybe, it’s almost inevitable. But, I fear that the current “cold” civil war or “war of words” will pale in comparison to what may be coming. I, like many of you, have a family and loved ones that I pray will never have to experience a true civil war. So, I pray I am wrong.

Last week there were two incidents that reinforce my view that a Civil War may be coming. First, there was a physical scuffle on the floor of the Texas legislature:

Regardless of your view on immigration, this development is very important and disturbing. Once legislators start fighting physically in this country, it’s not hard to see an escalation. I know legislative scuffles are common in other countries, but not here. This is significant. If you don’t know the “caning of Senator Charles Sumner” incident, you should Google it. It happened in 1856, less than five years before the outbreak of the first Civil War. And that was in the days that news traveled at the speed of horseback (maybe telegraph) and there was no 24-hour cable news cycle or social media to inflame and rapidly spread passions.

The second incident (although this is now one more in a line of similar incidents) is the protests against President Trump in Portland, Oregon, that turned violent:

Stop for a second and truly consider this. How are we from a time when such a clash escalates from fists and thrown objects to gunfire? Again, I pray it doesn’t happen but how much does it take? Incidents like this can rapidly spiral out of control.

Pray and prepare.

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