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His Parents Said He Just Needed to Sleep; A SWAT Team Came Instead

Ah yes, America’s “finest” doing their work again. Before you all start writing on how we can’t generalize, and there are good people on the force, etc., please, it’s time to be objective. I agree that most of the men and women in law enforcement are good people with good intentions. But the fact of the matter is that somehow the policies have gotten skewed to the point of harming the public. Our law enforcement is extremely militarized and worse. Use of SWAT teams is far out of control. The “policy” that allows officers to shoot when they “feel” threatened is wrong. American soldiers and Marines in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones are under far more restrictive rules of engagement than our law enforcement. Don’t believe me? Look it up yourself. Please do your own research. Our service members have to absolutely CERTAIN of a life and death threat. And even if they see an insurgent with a weapon but then that insurgent drops it, they can no longer legally engage. So think about what this means. Our military, in a foreign war zone, must show insurgents MORE restraint than our law enforcement here, at home, on US soil, have to show before using deadly force against a US citizen. You may not like it, but that is the truth borne out by facts. And, I won’t even get into “no-knock raids,” and civil asset forfeiture. Law enforcement in America is broken and needs to be fixed. If you keep an open mind, click on the second link. You can also go to Youtube and literally spend hundreds of hours watching videos of police out of control. Just search “police brutality” or “police unjustified shooting,” etc., etc. I included just one such video. Finally, in response to “your generalizing” feelings, please ask yourself, at what point to multiple, many incidents become a problem? Dozens? Hundreds? What if 10 percent of law enforcement is out of control? Is that too much? Or, is 5 percent? This is a discussion we must have.

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