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Happy Independence Day! With Freedom Comes Responsibility – How to Survive a Mass Shooting Part 2

In the first installment we discussed a few points. First, it’s important to avoid dangerous situations if at all possible. Next, people must be willing to take action, especially if there are “numbers” on the side of the good guys.

Now, you may be thinking, the terrorist would have killed whoever tried to take action. Maybe. He might have been able to shoot one, two or even three. And they might have died. But the truth that you rarely hear about, especially in the liberal mainstream media is that any gun, whether it’s a pistol, rifle, or shotgun has a severe limitation. Even the AR (it is NOT an assault rifle by the way, but that is not for discussion here) has this limitation. Any gun can only fire in ONE direction at a time. In a crowded place like the nightclub one only has to rush the attacker from behind and get close enough to be inside the arc of the barrel as the perpetrator would try to swing the weapon around. This arc is easy to understand. Imagine a person aiming or shooting a rifle in one direction and then swinging it around to aim or point in a different direction. That is the arc we are talking about. As a shooter is shooting in one direction, he or she is very vulnerable from behind. It is human nature that a person in this situation becomes super focused on what is happening in front of them. Especially in such an adrenaline charged and stressful situation. What about when the person is re-loading? We know the Orlando terrorist used 30 round magazines and shot at least 102 rounds since 102 people were wounded. Yes, it is possible that some of the rounds may have hit more than one person. But for our purposes here the point is that to fire over 90 rounds he had to have reloaded at least three times! Stop and take that in. The terrorist had to completely stop shooting while he reloaded. Could some folks have rushed him when he was reloading? When a person is reloading, both hands are occupied, and possibly the eyes, depending on the amount of training or experience. Had at least 3-4 people rushed the attacker during re-loaded, many could have been saved.

Once inside the arc of the rifle’s movement, the weapon can be neutralized and or the attacker can be neutralized. The easiest way to do this is to push the weapon’s barrel up. If you grab the barrel and extend all your arm all the way up and lock your elbow, it will be virtually impossible for anyone, regardless of size or strength, to pull the barrel down. You will have bones and joints locked in place and that is very hard to overcome. Now, once here, you must do more. You must seek to disable the attacker and or his weapon. This is not hard to do with at least some training. It doesn’t take much training to learn to remove the magazine from an AR type weapon or any other weapon. Once the magazine is removed, only one round remains in the weapon, able to be fired. Again, numbers is key. Three or four people or more would make a big difference.

The two main points here are first, society must re-learn to work together to meet threats. And, all of us need to get at least some self-defense training.  Second is that there are weapons everywhere, if we know how to look. In that nightclub there were surely lots of weapons around. What sorts of weapons? Bottles. Lots and lots of bottles, for one. Beer bottles, wine bottles, and liquor bottles. Virtually anything can be a weapon, with a very little thought and awareness. Do you have keys in your pocket? Or a pen? What would happen to an attacker who gets keys jammed in his eye? Or a pen stuck into his neck from behind? Would that monster continue to aim and shoot at more and more victims? I can assure you that practically no person would. What about other “weapons?” Were salt shakers present? Salt in the eye is very painful and debilitating. Same with lemon. The point is that weapons are everywhere with a little thought, or better yet, training, on where and how to find them.

Lastly, think about the actions of the police. The police waited for three hours before entering the night club. Now, whether that is a correct course of action can be debated. Some will say it was the right thing for police to do. Others will disagree. But the point here is that many people bled to death during the three hours. The same thing happened in the Columbine shooting. It took those two murderers 16 minutes to kill 13 people and wound 21 others. It took police 3 hours and 14 minutes to clear the school. This is not an indictment of the police. The police will not always be able to protect us. We must take responsibility for the safety of ours elves and our loved ones. Even if you don’t like guns or every plan to buy one, it is a good idea to get good training so you can see first-hand their limitations and how to disable one. It may save your life and that of your loved ones.

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