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Facebook Caught Suppressing News Stories



Intellectual Takeout posted an excerpt from a fascinating article by James E. Miller at Takimag, sardonically titled: “Facebook is Not Watching You.”

Miller says social media, in particular Facebook, is altering our concept of the news.

Referencing an article from the Washington Post, Miller writes: “Facebook is using its algorithm to control the flow of news. While social media platforms like Twitter are broadcasting information in real time, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild is filtering ‘upsetting’ content – including the rash of violence in Ferguson. Think of it as a trigger warning to protect delicate sensibilities. Or more accurately: information suppression.”

Surprised? Now we learn that Facebook is manipulating the newsfeed via a new marketing ploy to disrupt how stories are spread. Instead, FB is boosting positive stories while suppressing negative content.

Miller writes that in a national crisis, the Internet serves as a community bulletin board: “Regarding Michael Brown, millions of opinions on the [#Ferguson] teenager’s death are popping up on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. In all this proselytizing, armchair commentators are discovering something new: not all social networks are playing along.”

It’s a fascinating read. Especially if you’re a Facebook user, in which case, it’s a “must read.”

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Facebook Caught Suppressing News Stories


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