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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Congressional Panel: China Accelerating Technology Development in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

Friends, China is the existential threat, not Russia or radical Islam. I’m not saying that Russia or radical Islam aren’t a concern or don’t need to be dealt with forcefully and prudently. But China has openly declared they intend to supplant the U.S. as the superpower and have shown a willingness to ignore international law…

Report: U.S. Gives Israel Go Ahead to Kill Powerful General in Charge of Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Major General Soleimani coordinates the actions of Revolutionary Guards in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. He is therefore culpable for the death of hundreds of Americans in Iraq, if not thousands. He should have been targeted long ago. According to some reports, he was and the Obama administration tipped him off.

US Civil War is Coming-Rep Matt Shea-Pt 2

Friends, you know I hope that this doesn’t happen. I pray it doesn’t. But, ask yourself, did 2017 put us closer or further from a civil war? And, what’s the trend over the last few years? Keep praying God will be merciful and we don’t get what we deserve as a nation.

Prepper Recon: Civil War is Coming to USA Part 1

I would love to be wrong about this and pray that I am. But every day we look around and see the signs. Now, even political violence is happening more and more often. Pray up and prepare.