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3. First Amendment

Prepper Recon: Sunday Prepper Bible Study – Extreme Peril 2 Timothy 3:1

Friends, get your preps in order now. We don’t know how much longer this present system can endure. The craziness sweeping the world and even here at home in the U.S. could spiral out of control very quickly. And the first, most important prep of all is to prep your soul. Get right with God…

Video Shows Unarmed Black Man Pleading With Arms Raised, Lying on Floor, Before Being Shot by Police

I do not advocate violence against any law enforcement. Nor do I support anybody or any organization that does so. That being said (written) I can understand some of the anger toward LEO. It is videos like this and unfortunately, many, many others that are similar. What may have been acceptable before (notice I did…

French Suppressed Story of Terrorist Torture of Bataclan Victims; Political Correctness Prevents the West from Effectively Dealing With Islamist Terrorist Threat

At Least 35 Girls Sexually Assaulted by Islamic “Immigrants” at Swedish Music Festival; Some Victims as Young as 12

Are we sacrificing our families, communities, and freedoms on the altar of political correctness? It sure seems like it. We need to wake up and make the hard decisions to protect all of the above.