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Venezuela on the Brink of Total Economic and Societal Collapse

The previous post about liberal, left-wing universities is a good segue to this story. Please remember that Venezuela has among the largest oil reserves in the world (some say THE biggest) and is an OPEC member. Just a few years ago, Venezuela looked poised for tremendous economic growth. But then, Venezuela chose socialism and now…

The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War is Possible

Friends, as you all probably know by now, I feel it’s not only possible but probable. Maybe inevitable. I pray I’m wrong but nothing I see day by day convinces me that I am. Quite the opposite. Most news today seems to indicate it is more and more likely.

Sunday Prepper Bible Study – A spirit of stupor – Romans 11:4

An excellent piece that touches on the many ways that so many in our society (I believe now a majority, unfortunately) have become blind. The Word tells us that in the final days, people would call evil good and good, evil. So many people on both sides of the political aisle, from various socio-economic status,…