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Illegal Aliens Secretly Relocated Throughout US on Commercial Flights

As the useless politicians in Washington, D.C. play games and quibble, the deep state bureaucrats continue on their agenda. President Trump needs to increase the speed in cleaning house. This goes for the Department of Justice as well.

Congressional Panel: China Accelerating Technology Development in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

Friends, China is the existential threat, not Russia or radical Islam. I’m not saying that Russia or radical Islam aren’t a concern or don’t need to be dealt with forcefully and prudently. But China has openly declared they intend to supplant the U.S. as the superpower and have shown a willingness to ignore international law…

How to Create a Population of Dependents With This One Simple Government Trick

Licensing. That’s the government trick and fraud. People in Oregon now believe the average person is incapable of pumping their own gas. That’s right friends, pumping gas! That’s what the liberal mindset does. Read the actual comments from outraged and frightened liberal snowflakes. I apologize for the redundancy.

The Basics of Blockchain Technology Explained in Plain English

In my humble opinion blockchain and cryptocurrency are only going to grow in importance. Especially for those of us that resist the ever-increasing control attempted by central governments and central banks. The more we know about both blockchain and cryptocurrency the better.