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Beartooth Transforms Smartphone into 2 Way Radio

When you are out in the woods on an adventure with a group of friends, communication is extremely important. After all, there will be times when one or a couple of people would go right ahead and scout around, while others stay back to set up base camp. Either way, keeping in touch with one another gives that sense of safety and security, and just in case you would like to be extra prepared, perhaps one ought to check out the Beartooth.

No, this is not some sort of ancient relic from one’s ancestors who actually killed a bear to extract a literal tooth. The Beartooth is a new device which is capable of transforming the smartphone into an emergency two-way radio so that you need not tote any more additional devices when you are backpacking.

The case itself will function as an antenna in order for it to communicate with another Beartooth device. In other words, your smartphone will end up as a highly specialized radio which will be independent of cell phone towers or Wi-Fi signals, making it perfect for those grand outdoor adventures with its push to talk feature. It can call a specific Beartooth user or to put a call out to any devices in range, where among them include traditional 2-way radio devices. Compatible with the iPhone 5 or newer, the Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer, the Beartooth will also boast of an integrated geolocation tool that depicts your current location, and you can also send that location to your mates.

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Beartooth Transforms Smartphone into 2 Way Radio


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